Synopsis of Classes:

Tracking Dog:

This class is for students and dogs preparing for AKC tests and certification at the TD or TDU level.

Class is limited to 4 students and must be instructor approved.

Class location will vary to allow for the best training situations.

The first class will be at the MDKC training building.

Reminder: Classes will be held regardless of the weather, so you are advised to dress appropriately. In case of heavy snow or dangerous driving conditions, instructor will send out email notices about cancellations and there will be a makeup date scheduled.

To register for class, please email the instructor at:

Requirements for Dogs:

Any breed is welcome; any dog aggressive dogs will be run last and separate and must be identified before the class. Otherwise, they will be excused.

Dogs should have a non-restrictive harness and a 30-foot lead. You may contact the instructor before the class if you have questions about this. If you are currently doing Nose Work with your dog in a harness, please get another different style harness for the tracking work.

For the handlers:

Bring a small notebook and a pouch or something to contain scent articles.

Wear supportive shoes, or preferably boots. During tracking it is easy to twist an ankle, so good footwear is important.

We will be outside so check the weather prior to class and dress appropriately. We will track regardless of the weather. Only heavy downpours and lightning will postpone the tracking. Bring a chair, water for you and the dogs.  If you have any tracking materials from previous attempts, bring that too and we will look and see what else you need. 

It is recommended that you download the rule book for tracking (RU9999.pdf) from the AKC web site and try to be familiar with its contents. This document can be found at: Tracking Regulations