Breeder Referrals

A Reputable and Responsible Breeder:

  • is the best source for a well-bred, healthy dog.
  • will carefully select the parents of each litter to emphasize desirable traits and minimize faults
  • should attempt to reach perfection of their breed standard
  • Screens their dogs for genetic problems and should be able to show proof that the parents of the litter are free of these problems.
  • Does not breed a large volume of puppies.
  • Usually participates in some sort of event such as dog shows (conformation), obedience, agility, herding, field trials, etc.
  • Usually belongs to some form of dog club (all breed or specialty club)
  • May ask you for references or ask to visit you at your home.  The breeder wants to be sure the owner will be happy with the puppy and that the puppy will be well taken care of.
  • Will usually insist that puppies sold as pets be spayed/neutered or placed on an AKC limited registration.
  • Will usually take back any dog of their breeding at any age.  They assume a lifetime responsibility for the puppies they breed
  • Would never sell puppies though a retail store or animal broker.
  • Should be able to tell you the good points as well as the bad points of the breed to make sure this is the breed that will suit your lifestyle.
  • Will be there for you when you need advise or help with caring for, grooming, or training your dog.

We urge you to check out recommended breeders before you buy a puppy:

  • Buying a puppy from a reputable breeder gives you the opportunity to interact with the puppy’s siblings, dam, and possibly the sire.  You can therefore form a general impression of what the future holds for the puppy you take home. Visit as many breeders as possible.
  • Examine the premises to make sure they are clean and the dogs are well cared for.  Puppies should be clean, well fed, lively and friendly without any signs of illness, runny nose  or eyes, skin sores, or dirty ears or fleas.
  • MDKC does not screen the breeders or litters which may be referred.
  • MDKC assumes and accepts no responsibility for the reputation or quality of any breeder or litter for which a referral is provided. It is YOUR responsibility to do a thorough investigation.

For further information on all AKC Registered Breeds follow the link to the official AKC site:

Contact Chair of Referrals: TBD

Please send one email with the name of the breed, the sex, a description of what you are looking for and your contact information.

The Chair of Breeder Referrals will respond to your request as quickly as possible.