Canine Good Citizen (CGC)

This occurred at the dog show in Harrisburg this past weekend!

MDKC proudly provided the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) and the Canine Good Citizen Advanced (CGCA) testing at last weekend’s show in Harrisburg PA. Here are a few pictures of competitors that earned new titles at the end of their dog’s name.


CGC is designed to reward dogs who have good manners at home and in the community. Introduced in 1989, the Canine Good Citizen Program is a two-part program that stresses responsible pet ownership and basic good manners for dogs.  Dogs who pass the 10-step test receives an AKC CGC certificate.

Canine Good Citizen training is a great first step in training their dogs. The Program lays a foundation for other AKC activities such as obedience, agility, tracking, and performance events.  As you pursue your CGC certification, you’ll discover the benefits and joys of training your dog.  Training enhances the bond between you and your dog.  It’s a joy to actually live with a dog that obeys.

  • They respond well to household routines.
  • They have good manners in the presence of people and other dogs.
  • They fully enjoy your company.

We sincerely hope that CGC will begin a lifetime of training in obedience, agility, tracking, or performance events.  Please visit:

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