Agility Class

Imagine a look of Determination…

Imagine a look of determination on your dog’s face as he runs hard, nimbly making each turn. He keeps his eyes on you while scampering through tunnels, jumping over hurdles, and beaming with pride. The crowds in the stands cheer as you move together in perfect harmony. That’s the sport of Agility. It can be quite a rush – and one of the best ways to create an even deeper connection between you and your dog.

Agility is a growing dog sport…

Agility is a growing dog sport in the United States, with over 1 million entries to the AKC’s Agility Program each year. Dogs race against a clock as they navigate an obstacle course with strong concentration and speed. Whether you just want to have fun exercising with your dog, or want to go further and enter an Agility competition, get ready for a fast-paced, rewarding experience that will get you and your dog in the best shape of your lives!

  • Agility 101 – This class is for dogs 3 months to 1 year old focusing on foundations.  A great foundation is key to successful partnership in all aspects of training.  This class is targeted towards impulse control and focus while learning shaping, targeting and body awareness activities.  Agility flatwork will be performed on puppy appropriate equipment.


  • Future Stars – This class is for dogs older than 1 year with basic manners and possesses the ability to work off lead.  This class introduces the dog/handler teams to agility equipment with basic handling maneuvers (rear, front and blind crosses).   You’ll learn the different moves, teach the different moves and will learn to know when to use them. We’ll safely introduce agility equipment like Contacts, Jumps, Tunnels and Weave Poles during the sessions.  We’ll build to small course sequences as teams progress.

For more information contact:

Contact Alyssia:

Phone:  301-331-4906


  • Future Stars – Wednesday 6 to 7:30pm
  • Agility 101 – Wednesday 8 to 9:30pm

Tuition:  $150/6 Week Session

All MD regulations for COVID-19 will be followed to keep everyone safe.

Location:  Washington County Ag. Ed. Center, Rt 65 Sharpsburg Pike.  Classes are either outside in a totally fenced in area or in a climate controlled building with full matting.