Rally Class


Rally  is a sport that promotes a fun positive approach to obedience

Do you have a dog that needs something to do? Do you have an old dog you want to continue to compete with or a young dog just learning what obedience is all about? Are you an experienced handler or a novice handler? Do you have a dog currently competing in traditional obedience, who has lost interest and focus? Do you want a fun evening out with a dog you love?

Rally-O could be for you.

Join Rally Obedience to have fun, sharpen obedience skills, learn new Rally-O skills, and to renew/strengthen your relationship with your canine partner. Rally-O is a sport in which dog and handler teams complete a course of designated stations. Each station has a sign providing instructions regarding a skill or set of skills to be performed. Unlimited communication from the handler is encouraged. Handlers are permitted to talk, praise, encourage, clap their hands, pat their legs, and use multiple voice and hand signals. Handlers will be penalized for physical corrections, using loud or harsh commands or making intimidating signals.

Novice Class:  introduces the thirty one (31) signs and skills used in Novice Rally Obedience, along with an opportunity to practice each skill.

Advanced Classfine tunes the novice skills using course work and introduce the fourteen (14) new signs and skills needed for Advanced Rally Obedience.

Excellent:  fine tunes the advanced skills using course work and will introduce and fine tune the five (5) additional skills needed for Excellent Rally Obedience, along with course work.

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Tuition:  Call for Price

Location:  Washington County Ag. Ed. Center, Rt 65 Sharpsburg Pike.  Classes are either outside in a totally fenced in area or in a climate controlled building with full matting.

All are welcome to come and give it a try:  Old, Young, Trained and Untrained!  All Breeds Including Mixed Breeds are Welcomed