Super Puppy

Puppy training is different from adult training. We’re building a communication system between you and your dog and no two dogs are alike. What works for one pup will not work for another. The class is geared to the unique needs of each puppy/owner team.

Puppies get to experience various surfaces and many different objects that they may encounter in life while in the class.  We work on…

  • Examination by stranger
  • Walk on a loose lead
  • Puppy Down
  • Puppy Sit
  • Puppy Come
  • Puppy Retrieve.

Class is a great time to socialize your young puppy by learning in a fun atmosphere.   Young adult dog can benefit also by addressing some behavior issues. This training class builds a foundation for any future activity;   like just being a loyal companion, to conformation, obedience or agility. Feel free to bring treats and toys. Your pups will love it.

This class is geared for puppies 10 weeks – 18 months of age.  Exercises focuses on exposure to the world, socialization, and learning new skills. Its a foundation class that introduces elements of obedience, agility, rally, and flyball.  The class is offered all year and you can drop in anytime.  No experience no problem but behavioral issues need to be disclosed and discussed before coming to class.  

NOTE: Medium to large breed puppies of first time students need to be under 6 months of age, otherwise Basic Obedience might be a better place to start. These puppies will age out at 18 months for Supper Puppy.

For more information:

Contact INSTRUCTOR Renee  at for more info  on other classes and available training activities


  • All Classes run with 6-weeks of instruction.
  • Super Puppy – Wednesdays at 6:30pm

Tuition:  $95.00 non-members and $85.00 for members. 

Location:  Washington County Ag. Ed. Center, Rt 65 Sharpsburg Pike.  Classes are either outside in a totally fenced in area or in a climate controlled building with full matting.