Ron Webb   Handling

Ron has been a dog handler/owner for more than 15 years.  He is a multi-breed handler, although, he has bred, trained and raised German Shepherd Dogs (GSD) for more than 20 years.  Ron is a superb instructor and his classes are always well attended.  Check our website for the current schedule.

Jessica Miller   Scent Work

Jessica has been training dogs professionally in Washington County since 2010, after years of working as a shelter volunteer throughout the tri-state area. She was employed a Head Dog Trainer at Briggs Animal Adoption Center and worked as a lead trainer at Peaceable Paws in Fairplay, MD for several years before opening her own training company Go Pawsitive.

Since 2013, she has been teaching K9 Nose Work® classes in the 4-state. In 2014, she completed a year long program with NACSW K9 Nose Work® to become a Certified Nose Work Instructor (CNWI). Since then Jess has worked for NACSW as a Trial Coordinator, Certifying Official and Judge for ORTs, as well as hosting NACSW sanctioned trials and workshops.

In 2017 Jessica became the first person in the state of Maryland to be licensed as an AKC Scent Work judge and is approved to judge all levels of AKC Scent Work from Novice through Detective Class. She is also a certified AKC CGC Evaluator and Trick Dog Evaluator.

She continues to train her 3 Australian Shepherds (Cassie, Penny and Elle) in Rally, Obedience, Herding, Agility, Tricks and of course, K9 Nose Work & AKC Scent Work.

Alyssia Black   Agility (More Bio information to come)
Michele Beatty   Puppy Kindergarten

Michele has been involved with dogs her whole life.  There isn’t a time she can remember not living with or training a dog.  She is passionate about developing strong bonds with our four-legged family members.

She has worked with and trained many breeds, from Basset Hounds to German Shepherd Dogs.  She is a graduate from Kutztown University Canine Training and Management program that focused on positive dog training methods and understanding canine behavior.

She and her husband currently breed German Shepherd Dogs.  They started Mickena German Shepherds to put well bred dogs with great temperments into family homes.  She has bred or owned several show Champions and Grand Champions. She has also titled dogs in Scent work and Rally Obedience.