Obedience and Rally Trials

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Is Obedience for you?

Obedience is a wonderful way to teach your dog the skills that will keep it safe and be a good canine citizen while at the same time strengthening your relationship with your dog. Our club offers different classes for varying levels of experience. Training will include tricks and games as well as different exercises to help develop basic and advanced skills.

All dogs—

purebred and mix breeds—are welcome to participate in AKC obedience training classes. Classes are taught by experienced trainers who have won obedience competitions with their own dogs. They know the latest training techniques, are familiar with training all breeds of dogs, and oftentimes can help solve behavior problems.

We offer:

  • Introduction to Obedience – This class will focus on basic obedience skills (heel, sit, down, stay, sit/stand for exam and stay). The course is suitable for all dog owners that want to develop the basic training commands to help keep their dog safe. The class will also introduce many of the exercises required for the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test. Skills needed for the different exercises will be introduced in the class used as the foundation to develop more advanced skills needed for competition obedience. This is an 8-week session.  While a Basic Puppy class is recommended it is not required.

For more information:  Contact Instructors: Harvey Hortman & Tara Brumfield


Week 1 – Heeling and sitting when stopping, 3 speeds (fast, Normal, slow) – “Heel” “over here”, “up here”, “back here”, “with me”

Week 2 – Heeling, sitting, about turns, Sit & Sit Stay – “Heel” “Quick, quick quick”, “with me” “AGH AGH”, “Sit” & “Stay”

Week 3 – Down & Down Stay, step back to your dog, Call your dog front – “Down” & “Stay” “Come”

Week 4 – Figure 8’s, Walking on a loose leash – “Heel” “Hurry, hurry, hurry”

Week 5 – Formal Finish/Return, The Stand and the stand stay – “Heel” “Stand” & “Stay”

Week 6 – Formal recall – “Come & sit”, “Good boy, good job” etc.

Week 7 – Run through before Graduation – Scoresheets

Week 8 – Graduation – Warm up and Graduate

Tuition:  $150

All MD regulations for COVID-19 will be followed to keep everyone safe.

Location:  Washington County Ag. Ed. Center, Rt 65 Sharpsburg Pike.  Classes are either outside in a totally fenced in area or in a climate controlled building with full matting.

Interested in day time classes or other offerings? Classes maybe added or combined if interest/attendance warrant. Please inquire.

All are welcome to come and give it a try:  Old, Young, Trained and Untrained!  All Breeds Including Mixed Breeds are Welcome