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Super Puppy

Updated 1/16/19 – See NOTE below.

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SUPER PUPPYongoing, year round Wednesdays 6:30 PM

For puppies of 10 weeks – 18 months.  Exercises for exposure to the world, socialization, learning new skills. This is a foundation class introducing elements from obedience, agility, rally, and flyball.  Super Puppy is an ongoing year round class. Puppies accepted at any time during the session. Candidates for this class have limited experience & no negative behavior issues.

FEES: $95.00 non-members and $85.00 for members.  All sessions run with 6 weeks of instruction.


The purpose of this class is to socialize the young puppy (or young adult dog with little social experiences and negative behavior issues) and teach it how to learn in a fun atmosphere. This is a training class and will build the foundation for any activity you may want to undertake with your dog whether it be a loyal companion, conformation, obedience or agility. Owners are encouraged to bring treats and toys for their dogs.

Puppy training is different from adult training. We are building a communication system between you and your dog. No two dogs are alike – what works for one pup will not work for another one. The class is geared to the individual needs of each puppy and owner.

Puppies are taught to walk on various surfaces and around many different objects that they may encounter in everyday life.  We work on the following exercises: Examination by stranger,Walk on a loose lead (not the formal heel position), Puppy Down, Puppy Sit, Puppy Come, Puppy Retrieve.

NOTE: First Time students with medium or large breeds entering this class must be under 6 months of age. If started in the Super Puppy class, participants may choose to stay there through 18 months. Older and larger breed first timers may start in any Basic Obedience session.